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[ tɔp ] Pronunciation:   "top" in a sentence
Noun: top  tóp
  1. The upper part of anything
    "the mower cuts off the tops of the grass"; "the title should be written at the top of the first page" 
  2. The highest or uppermost side of anything
    "put your books on top of the desk"; "only the top side of the box was painted"
Adjective: top  tóp
  1. Situated at the top or highest position
    "the top shelf"
Verb: top (topped,topping)  tóp
  1. Be superior or better than some standard
    "She topped her performance of last year"
    - exceed, transcend, overstep, pass, go past 
  2. Pass by, over, or under without making contact
    "the balloon cleared the tree tops"
    - clear 
  3. Be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point
    "A star tops the Christmas Tree" 
  4. Be ahead of others; be the first
    "she topped her class every year"
    - lead 
  5. Provide with a top or finish the top (of a structure)
    "the towers were topped with conical roofs"
    - top out 
  6. Reach or ascend the top of
    "The hikers topped the mountain just before noon" 
  7. Strike (the top part of a ball in golf, baseball, or pool) giving it a forward spin 
  8. Cut the top off
    "top trees and bushes"
    - pinch 
  9. Be the culminating event
    - crown 
  10. Finish up or conclude
    "They topped off their dinner with a cognac"; "top the evening with champagne"
    - top off

Derived forms: topping, topped, tops

See also: apical, best, crowning, high, topmost, topper, upmost, upper, uppermost

Type of: arrive at, attain, bout, canvas, canvas tent, canvass, climax, clip, complete, covering, crop, culminate, cut back, degree, dress, excel, face, finish, furnish, gain, hit, intensity, intensiveness, level, lie, lop, make, overhaul, overtake, part, pass, place, platform, plaything, point, provide, prune, reach, region, render, round, side, snip, spot, stage, stand out, supply, surpass, topographic point, toy, trim, turn, woman's clothing

Antonym: bottom, side

Part of: circus, frame, inning, ship

Encyclopedia: Top

[American idiom]
to do or be better than someone or something. (Informal.)
Ann has done very well, but I don't think she can top Jane.
Do you think your car tops mine when it comes to gas mileage?

[American slang]
n. the first half of a baseball inning.
• Wilbur hit a nice double-bagger in the top half of the fourth.
• It's the third inning at the top; Wilbur's up.

[British slang]
Verb. To kill. E.g."He took a full bottle of pain-killers and topped himself.”
Adj: Excellent, 'sorted'. [Orig. Manchester use]

AmE / noun, adjective, verb

noun [sing.]


the highest or most important position or rank:

He's at the top of his profession.

She is determined to make it to the top (= to be as successful as possible in her profession).

This decision came right from the top.


at the top of the tree

in the highest position or rank in a profession or career

come out on top

to win a contest or an argument:

He tends to come out on top in most boardroom disputes.

from the top down

starting with the most important people in a company or an organization:

The company's focus, from the top down, is on the customer.


get on top of sth

to manage to deal with or control sth:

We're struggling to get on top of all the work we've got.

on top


in a leading position or in control:

Their investment in R&D has allowed them to stay on top.


in addition:

It would cost around $900, with tax on top.

on top of sth


in control of a situation; knowing about a situation:

You need to stay on top of technological changes.


in addition to sth:

These job cuts come on top of the 500 redundancies already announced.

top of mind (Marketing )

= FRONT noun

adjective [usually before noun]

highest in position, rank or degree:

My office is on the top floor.

Prices at the top end of the market

(= the more expensive prices) have fallen.

The company announced changes in top management.

We produce top-quality goods.


top-10, top-100, etc. (also spelled top ten, top hundred, etc.)

among the ten best, most successful, etc. of a particular thing:

Most of the top-10 airlines were expected to report losses.

verb [+ obj]


to be higher than a particular amount:

Their market share topped 20% in May.

The results topped expectations.


to be in the highest position on a list because you are the most successful, important, etc:

The company again topped the list of best performers.


to do or say sth that is better, more impressive, etc. than sth that sb else did or said:

I'm afraid the other company has topped your offer

(= offered more money).


top out (at sth)

if sth tops out at a particular price, speed, etc. it does not rise any higher:

Sales topped out at a record $10 billion.

top sth up

to increase the amount of sth to the level you want or need:

The group's cash flow will be topped up by the proceeds from the sale of its publishing business.

Indicates the higher price one is willing to pay for a stock in an order; implies a not held order.

The first half of each inning.

(TOP) An applications layer network application and protocol stack for office automation developed by Boeing following the OSI model. This protocol is very similar to MAP except at the lowest levels, where it uses Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) rather than Token Bus (IEEE 802.4).


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  1. she is in the top flight of journalists.
  2. huge waves came crashing almost on top of us ..
  3. he gets commission on top of his salary.
  4. bulky portion is tucked under top of cast.
  5. the cream rose to the top some time ago.

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