top lift meaning

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Noun: top lift
  1. The bottom layer of a heel

Derived forms: top lifts

Type of: lift

  • lift:    Verb: lift &n ...
  • on top:    [American idiom]vi ...
  • on top of:    1. In control2. In ...


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  1. Remove the cushion, and the caned top lifts to reveal more storage space.
  2. The longest run has, from a top lift-served elevation of to the base at.
  3. The top lifts to reveal an elevator and mini-jet as well as an " escape tube ".
  4. In high winds, the top lift may be shut, making this side inaccessible except to those on the Villaroger side.
  5. The top lifts to reveal a writing surface, and below the desk area, a reeded tambour wraparound slides open in front to reveal two drawers.

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