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Noun: top dressing  tóp 'dresing
  1. A layer of fertilizer or manure not ploughed in
Verb: topdress
  1. Scatter manure or fertilizer over (land)

Derived forms: top dressings

Type of: dressing, fecundation, feed, fertilisation [Brit], fertilise [Brit], fertilization, fertilize

Encyclopedia: Top dressing


A layer, usually thin, of manure, humus, loam, etc., to improve soil conditions in planted areas.

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  1. the hens in the next garden : their droppings are very good top dressing
  2. Organic matter should be incorporated regularly as a top dressing.
  3. Added regularly ( as in regular top dressing ) organics make the ground progressively better.
  4. Crop dusting was not adopted in New Zealand until after top dressing was well established.
  5. Haircuts are followed by watering and a top dressing of compost to hold moisture and quicken growth.

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