tombac meaning

Pronunciation:   "tombac" in a sentence
Noun: tombac  tómbak
  1. An alloy of copper and zinc (and sometimes arsenic) used to imitate gold in cheap jewellery and for gilding
    - tombak, tambac

Derived forms: tombacs

Type of: alloy, metal

Encyclopedia: Tombac


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  1. A gilt tombac laurel branch was affixed to the ribbon.
  2. Iranian Original Tombac is a global known brand and is imported by many countries.
  3. Due to high demands for copper and zinc during the war effort, the use of Tombac was suspended.
  4. The version worn by the Prussian Gardes du Corps was of tombac ( copper and zinc alloy ) with silver mountings.
  5. Originally this was done to distinguish the copper-colored tombac ( copper-zinc alloy ) coins, from pennies.

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