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Adverb: to be sure
  1. Admittedly
    "to be sure, he is no Einstein"
    - without doubt, no doubt

[American slang]
adv. phr. Without a doubt; certainly; surely. "Didn't you say Mr. Smith would take us home?" "Oh, yes. To be sure, I did." Often used before a clause beginning with "but". He works slowly, to be sure, but he does a good job. To be sure, Jim is a fast skater, but he is not good at doing figures.
Synonym: OF COURSE.
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  1. it was worth a thought, to be sure.
  2. marianne to be sure is lost to me forever.
  3. he is clever, to be sure, but not very hard-working.
  4. i left a message so as to be sure of contacting her.
  5. well to be sure!

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