time and time again meaning

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Adverb: time and time again
  1. Repeatedly
    - over and over, again and again, over and over again, time and again

[American idiom]
repeatedly; over and over (again).
You've made the same error time after time! Please try to be more careful!
I've told you time and again not to do that.
You keep saying the same thing over and over, time and time again. Stop it!
I have told you time and again: don't put wet garbage in the trash can!


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  1. time and time again in the history of aviation, "the impossible" has been done.
  2. i told you time and time again, it just didn't suit
  3. yet you choose to walk through the darkness time and time again
  4. you mended broken boys and broken hearts time and time again
  5. i tried time and time again to move the stone but i still can't do it

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