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  • Noun: Tibet
    1. An autonomous region of the Peoples Republic of China; located in the Himalayas
      - Thibet, Xizang, Sitsang

    See also: Tibetan

    Type of: Asian country, Asian nation

    Part of: Asia

    Encyclopedia: Tibet Tibet, China

  • [Medicine]
    A country of central Asia,nominally an autonomous region within Communist China. It first came under Chinese control during the Manchu dynasty in 1720 and was generally closed to foreigners until late in the nineteenth century. Tibetans are an ancient race of Mongolian type and their ruler is the Dalai Lama. Buddhism was introduced in the seventh century A.D. and most Tibetans are Buddhists. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary,1988)


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  1. reducing pressures observed over tibet to mean sea level is meaningless.
  2. i was flying back with a group of western and japanese journalists after an exhilarating trip to tibet.
  3. Until recently, Brazil was as closed as Albania or Tibet,
  4. No, he was just a plain Buddhist monk from Tibet.
  5. Charlie Whittingham-trained Smithfield was second and Tibet was third.

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