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Verb: throw out  throwawt
  1. Force to leave or move out
    - expel, kick out 
  2. Throw or cast away
    - discard, fling, toss, toss out, toss away, chuck out, cast aside, dispose, cast out, throw away, cast away, put away 
  3. Remove from a position or office
    - oust, drum out, boot out, kick out, expel 
  4. Bring forward for consideration or acceptance
    - advance 
  5. Cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration
    - dismiss

Derived forms: throws out, thrown out, threw out, throwing out

Type of: advise, displace, get rid of, move, propose, remove, suggest

[American slang]
v. 1. To put somewhere to be destroyed because not wanted. He didn't need the brush anymore so he threw it out.
Synonym: THROW AWAY1. 2. To refuse to accept. The inspector tossed out all the parts that didn't work. 3. To force to leave; dismiss. When the employees complained too loudly, the owner threw them out.
Synonym: KICK OUT, TURN OUT1. 4. To cause to be out in baseball by throwing the ball. The shortstop tossed the runner out.


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  1. "be kind enough to throw out some of that ore."
  2. the old woman seemed to throw out her chest as she spoke.
  3. the natural instinct of the human body is to throw out all invaders.
  4. margaret felt free to bring in the people she wanted and to throw out those she didn't.
  5. is to throw out all the real thinkers in the land

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