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    Arteries originating from the subclavian or axillary arteries and distributing to the anterior thoracic wall,mediastinal structures,diaphragm,pectoral muscles,mammary gland and the axillary aspect of the chest wall.n : either of two arteries that branch from the axillary artery or from one of its branches:
    a : a small artery that usu. arises from the axillary artery below the clavicle and that supplies or sends branches to the two pectoralis muscles and the walls of the chest —called also supreme thoracic artery
    b : an artery that often arises from the thoracoacromial artery or from the subscapular artery rather than the axillary artery and that supplies both pectoralis muscles and the serratus anterior and sends branches to the lymph nodes of the axilla and to the subscapularis muscle —called also lateral thoracic artery —compare INTERNAL THORACIC ARTERY


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  1. The perforating branches of the internal thoracic artery pierce through the internal intercostal muscles of the superior six intercostal spaces.
  2. Plastic surgeons may use either the left or right internal thoracic arteries for autologous free flap reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy.
  3. The "'anterior intercostal branches of internal thoracic artery "'supply the upper five or six intercostal spaces.
  4. The internal thoracic artery ( previously called as internal mammary artery ) then divides into the superior epigastric artery and musculophrenic artery.
  5. In one, the left internal thoracic artery ( internal mammary artery ) is diverted to the left anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery.

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