think back meaning

  "think back" in a sentence
Verb: think back  thingk bak
  1. Recapture the past; indulge in memories
    - remember

Derived forms: thinks back, thinking back, thought back

See also: think

[American idiom]
to remember and think about someone or something.
When I think back on Sally and the good times we had together, I get very sad.
I like to think back on my childhood and try to remember what it was like.

[American slang]
to remember back to something in the past.
  Now, try and think back to the night of January 16.
  I can't think back. My mind is preoccupied with other things.


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  1. the photographs made me think back to my schooldays.
  2. that same man who made speeches, when i think back ..
  3. it s crazy, when i think back, sometimes i have to cry
  4. that same man who made speeches, when i think back
  5. think back to the last time you were sick

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