the business meaning

  "the business" in a sentence
  • (slang)
      Exactly what is required, the right person, etc for the job

  • [American slang]
    1. harassment; a scolding; general bad treatment. (Typically: get ~; give someone ~.)
      The guys have been giving me the business about my new hairstyle.
      Sam was giving Tom the business about being late all the time.
    2. Sl. an execution. (Underworld. Typically: get ~; give someone ~.)
      The mob wanted to give him the business for confessing to the federal prosecutor.


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  1. he was of no use at all in the business.
  2. he has a deep stake in the business.
  3. we should settle the business on hand first.
  4. i intend that you shall take over the business.
  5. i'll leave you to settle all the business.

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