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  • Noun: test case  test keys
    1. A representative legal action whose outcome is likely to become a precedent
      - test suit

    Derived forms: test cases

    Type of: action, action at law, legal action

    Encyclopedia: Test case

  • [Business]
    noun [C]

    (Law )

    a legal case or other situation whose result will be used as an example when decisions are being made on similar cases in the future:

    The Italian group's bid will serve as a test case for the new takeover laws.

  • [Law]
    A case brought to test a principle of law that, once established, can be applied in other cases. Thus when there are a number of claimants with similar claims, a test case may be brought by one of them, after which the remainder of the claims can be settled out of court on the same basis. Compare REPRESENTATIVE ACTION.


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