telemetry meaning

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  • Noun: telemetry  ti'lemutree
    1. Automatic transmission and measurement of data from remote sources by wire or radio or other means

    Derived forms: telemetries

    See also: telemetered

    Type of: measure, measurement, measuring, mensuration

    Encyclopedia: Telemetry

  • [Electronics]
    The transmission of data signals over a distance, either by radio or wire, and the reception and application of the signals to indicating instruments, recorders, etc.

  • [Engineering]
    See telemetering

  • [Medicine]
    Transmission of the readings of instruments to a remote location by means of wires,radio waves,or other means. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms,4th ed) n pl -tries
    1 : the science or process of telemetering data
    2 : data transmitted by telemetry
    3 : BIOTELEMETRYtele·met·ric adj — tele·met·ri·cal·ly adv


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  1. this telemetry streamed back to earth.
  2. rockets use a system known as telemetry to relay their information to earth.
  3. while telemetry is not a recording method, it is closely aligned with recording.
  4. developments in electronic, sonic, and laser technology will provide telemetry that will increase accuracy and timely management response.
  5. attra automatic tracking telemetry receiving antenna

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