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[ tek'nɔlədʒi ] Pronunciation:   "technology" in a sentence
Noun: technology  tek'nólujee
  1. The practical application of science to commerce or industry
    - engineering 
  2. The discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems
    - engineering, engineering science, applied science

Derived forms: technologies

See also: technological, technologist

Type of: application, bailiwick, discipline, field, field of study, practical application, profession, study, subject, subject area, subject field

Encyclopedia: Technology Technology, Entertainment, Design Technology, Policy and Management

AmE / noun (plural technologies)


1 [U,C]

scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry, for example in designing new machines:

recent advances in medical technology

The company has just unveiled two promising new digital technologies.

technology-based products

(= ones that are developed using the latest technology)

a technology-driven company

(= one that uses and relies on the latest technology)

2 [U]

machinery or equipment designed using technology:

The company has invested in the latest technology.

technologist noun [C]:

a food technologist

Packaging technologists design and develop new packaging.

The body of know-how about materials, techniques of production, and operation of equipment, based on the application of scientific knowledge. Technology requires the services of people who are literate, numerate, and nowadays normally skilled in the use of computers: to acquire these skills usually requires a high level of formal education. This is distinguished from craftsmanship, which is largely learned by experience, working under the supervision of people who already possess the skills. It is of course possible for the same individual to possess both technological and craft skills.

The application of scientific knowledge to practical purposes in any field. It includes methods,techniques,and instrumentation. n pl -gies
1 : the science of the application of knowledge to practical purposes : applied science
2 : a scientific method of achieving a practical purpose — tech·no·log·i·cal also tech·no·log·ic adj

<jargon> Marketroid jargon for "software", "hardware", "protocol" or something else too technical to name.

The most flagrant abuse of this word has to be "Windows NT" (New Technology) - Microsoft's attempt to make the incorporation of some ancient concepts into their OS sound like real progress. The irony, and even the meaning, of this seems to be utterly lost on Microsoft whose Windows 2000 start-up screen proclaims "Based on NT Technology", (meaning yet another version of NT, including some Windows 95 features at last).

See also: solution.


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  1. technology has been the daughter of science.
  2. the licensor simply agrees to provide technology.
  3. science and technology are no.1 productive forces.
  4. technology is the outgrowth of science.
  5. engineering is aligned with technology.

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