team meaning

[ ti:m ] Pronunciation:   "team" in a sentence
Noun: team  teem
  1. A cooperative unit (especially in sports)
    - squad 
  2. Two or more draft animals that work together to pull something
Verb: team  teem
  1. Form a team
    "We teamed up for this new project"
    - team up

Sounds like: teem

Derived forms: teaming, teamed, teams

See also: teamster

Type of: aggroup, animal group, group, social unit, unit

Encyclopedia: Team

noun, verb

noun [C with sing./pl. verb]


a group of people who work together:

a team leader/member

a team meeting

A team of experts has/have been called in to investigate.

We met in the boss's office for a team briefing.

We take a team-based approach to work.

The success of this project has been a team effort.

The team dynamics

(= the way in which team members work together) didn't work very well, which caused problems.

the design/development/marketing/sales team

◆ to build/form/recruit/train a team

◆ to head (up)/lead/manage/run a team


1 [no obj] team (up) (with sb)

to join with another person or group in order to do sth together:

The two record companies teamed up to launch an online service.

The city's biggest bookstore is teaming with a bike-delivery firm to try to compete with online booksellers.

2 [+ obj] team sb/sth (up) (with sb/sth)

to combine or match two or more things or people:

We teamed our head of design up with a freelance software engineer to work on the website.


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  1. our team made 307 runs in its first inning.
  2. the chinese team enjoyed the height advantage.
  3. the visiting team maintained a powerful offensive ...
  4. jones will be missing from the team line-up.
  5. both teams have shown good sportsmanship.

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