tambourin meaning

Pronunciation:   "tambourin" in a sentence
/tã-boo-rɛ̃/ noun
1. A Provençal dance or dance tune with drone bass
2. A long, narrow drum used esp to accompany this


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  1. Van Gogh arranged an exhibit in Paris of Japanese prints at Caf� du Tambourin.
  2. The original theme tune was " Tambourin " by Fran�ois Joseph Gossec, performed by James Galway.
  3. It appears that you have deleted the logo of the tambourin club viols-le-fort on its wiki page.
  4. The "'tambourin "'is a played together with a small flute known as the galoubet or flaviol.
  5. Both Prado and the equally infamous murderer Pranzini were at one time patrons at the Parisian caf� Le Tambourin where Van Gogh had exhibited Japanese prints.

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