tamboura meaning

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  An Eastern stringed instrument, used to produce a drone (also tambura)


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  1. Adama Tamboura would score Mali's second penalty handing them the advantage.
  2. He was briefly a member of the krautrock band tamboura on the albums Hosianna Mantra and Seligpreisung.
  3. At the Mercury, Cornershop had an uncommon lineup : two drummers, a sitar and synthesizer player, a tamboura player and Singh.
  4. Lorber s ethereal orchestration is complimented by Collin Walcott s tamboura and a piano, which adds the highlights usually reserved for Arnold s electric guitar.
  5. Accompanied by Karaikkuddi Subramaniam on vina, Lalitha Sankaran on tamboura and Andrew Timar on kanjira, Trichy offers raga cycles that are hypnotically built up and resolved.

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