tambala meaning

Pronunciation:   "tambala" in a sentence
Noun: tambala
  1. 100 tambala equal 1 kwacha in Malawi

Derived forms: tambalas

Type of: Malawian monetary unit

Part of: kwacha, Malawi kwacha

Encyclopedia: Tambala

A monetary unit of Malawi worth one hundredth of a kwacha.


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  1. Tambala adjourned the case to April 28 to consider the defense requests.
  2. The five tambala coin is of nickel-plated steel.
  3. The one and two tambala coins are composed of copper-plated steel.
  4. The fifty tambala and one kwacha coin are composed of brass-plated steel.
  5. Much-needed managerial and financial support during this period was provided by the band's friend Rudi Tambala of AR Kane.

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