take a breather meaning

  "take a breather" in a sentence
Verb: take a breather
  1. Take a short break from one's activities in order to relax
    - rest, breathe, catch one's breath

Derived forms: taking a breather, takes a breather, took a breather, taken a breather

Type of: break, intermit, pause


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  1. let's take a breather after we finish these homework exercises.
  2. we might as well take a breather . it will take a while for everyone to get up here
  3. i've mowed the front lawn, and i'm just taking a breather before taking the back lawn
  4. next month we ll take a breather from bug patterns to tackle some other important topics
  5. after two hours of discussion, i suggested that we take a breather but my colleagues insisted on continuing

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