taint meaning

[ teint; tent ] Pronunciation:   "taint" in a sentence
Noun: taint  teynt
  1. The state of being contaminated
    - contamination
Verb: taint  teynt
  1. Place under suspicion or cast doubt upon
    - defile, sully, corrupt, cloud 
  2. Contaminate with a disease or microorganism
    - infect

Derived forms: taints, tainted, tainting

Type of: contaminate, deflower, foul, impair, impureness, impurity, mar, pollute, spoil, vitiate

Encyclopedia: Taint

[British slang]
Noun. The perineum. Something of a pun, because it aint the anus, and it aint the vagina or balls.


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  1. meat will readily taint in close weather.
  2. this disease of money and greed taints other people.
  3. such is the taint in us.
  4. everything possible should be done to free them from the economic taint.
  5. then, slowly, he began to take a terrible joy in his taint.

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