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See asphalt tack coat.

[Civil engineering]
"A thin layer of bitumen, road tar, or emulsion laid on a road to enhance adhesion of the course above it."


  1. research and development and application of sbs modified asphalt for tack coat
  2. application practice of high penetration emulsified bitumen tack coat in construction of high-grade expressway
  3. Tack coats are typically applied on adjacent pavements ( curbs ) to assist the bonding of the HMA and concrete.
  4. Proper repair may include first sealing cracks with crack sealant, installing paving fabric over a tack coat, or milling the damaged asphalt.
  5. A tack coat is a low viscosity asphalt emulsion that is used to create a bond between an existing pavement surface and new asphalt overlay.

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