taciturnity meaning

Pronunciation:   "taciturnity" in a sentence
Noun: taciturnity  `tasi'turnitee
  1. The trait of being uncommunicative; not volunteering anything more than necessary
    - reserve, reticence

Derived forms: taciturnities

See also: taciturn

Type of: uncommunicativeness

Encyclopedia: Taciturnity


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  1. his taciturnity was unbroken.
  2. it was only a substantial meal that could induce in him even a passing taciturnity.
  3. Sometimes he was driven into taciturnity by shyness and intensity.
  4. Gehry would rather err on the side of taciturnity than of garrulousness.
  5. I miss Dole's natural taciturnity on this.

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