syntax meaning

[ 'sintæks ] Pronunciation:   "syntax" in a sentence
  • Noun: syntax  sintaks
    1. The grammatical arrangement of words in sentences
      - sentence structure, phrase structure 
    2. A systematic orderly arrangement 
    3. Studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences

    Derived forms: syntaxes

    See also: syntactic, syntactician

    Type of: grammar, scheme, structure, system

    Encyclopedia: Syntax

  • [Business]
    noun [U]

    (IT )

    the rules that state how words and phrases must be used in a computer language:

    You can use Boolean syntax to do an advanced Web search.

    a syntax error

  • [Electronics]
    1. The rules by which computer program statements are structured.
    2. The way that a written or spoken sentence is constructed. It is important in speech recognition and speech synthesis.

  • [Computer]
    The structure of strings in some language. A language's syntax is described by a grammar. For example, the syntax of a binary number could be expressed as

     binary_number = bit bit = "0" | "1" 
    meaning that a binary number is a bit optionally followed by a binary number and a bit is a literal zero or one digit.

    The meaning of the language is given by its semantics.

    See also abstract syntax, concrete syntax.


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  1. the syntax analyzer calls the scanner when it needs a new symbol.
  2. the syntax analyzer has one recursive procedure for each nonterminal u.
  3. a sentence of a grammar is ambiguous if there exists two syntax trees for it.
  4. a parse of a sentential form is the construction of a derivation and possibly a syntax tree for it.
  5. if a sentential form is ambiguous, then it has more than one syntax tree and therefore, in general, more than one handle.

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