sustentation meaning

Pronunciation:   "sustentation" in a sentence
Noun: sustentation  `sústen'teyshun
  1. The act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence
    - sustenance, sustainment, maintenance, upkeep

Derived forms: sustentations

See also: sustentacular

Type of: support


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  1. project supported by the shanghai postdoctoral sustentation fund, china ( grant no .)
  2. some consideration on the system of sustentation to student in chinese colleges and universities
  3. macro-control and regulation and the corresponding policy sustentation under market-oriented economy
  4. foundation item : high technology and new material sustentation fund of china bureau of national non-ferric metal industry
  5. the development of education is an important sustentation for economy in impoverished areas, and the education rests more on teacher

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