subsidiary meaning

[ səb'sidjəri ] Pronunciation:   "subsidiary" in a sentence
Adjective: subsidiary  sub'sidee`eree [N. Amer], sub'sideeuree [Brit]
  1. Functioning in a supporting capacity
    - auxiliary, supplemental, supplementary
Noun: subsidiary  sub'sidee`eree [N. Amer], sub'sideeuree [Brit]
  1. An assistant subject to the authority or control of another
    - subordinate, underling, foot soldier 
  2. A company that is completely controlled by another company
    - subsidiary company

Derived forms: subsidiaries

See also: secondary, subsidiarity

Type of: assistant, company, help, helper, supporter

Encyclopedia: Subsidiary

adjective, noun



(about a company) owned or controlled by another company:

The company is selling off its subsidiary businesses.


connected with sth but less important than it:

Apart from publishing, the company has several interesting subsidiary activities.

noun [C] (plural subsidiaries)

a company that is owned or controlled by another company:

Exis Power, a 58%-owned subsidiary of Exis Corp


A firm which is owned or controlled by another. There are wide variations in the extent to which subsidiary companies are allowed to make decentralized decisions about matters such as investment projects, and choices between trading with other firms in the same group or with outsiders.

A wholly or partially owned company that is part of a large corporation. A foreign subsidiary is a separately incorporated entity under the host country's law. A subsidiary's financial results are carried on the parent company's books.


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  1. they have signed a subsidiary treaty.
  2. temperature plays a subsidiary role.
  3. these needs may be classified into two subsidiary sets.
  4. they have set up their own hirepurchase subsidiaries.
  5. the subsidiary channels have a thickness in the range 6-12 m.

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