subset-equational language meaning

  • [Computer]
    (SEL) A declarative language for set processing by Bharat Jayaraman with subset and equational program clauses; pattern matching over sets (it supports efficient iteration over sets); annotations to say which functions distribute over union in which arguments (for point-wise/incremental computation over sets); defining transitive closures through circular constraints (implemented by mixed top-down/memoisation and bottom-up strategy); meta-programming and simple higher-order programming; modest user-interface including tracing.

    The SEL compiler, written in Quintus Prolog, generates WAM-like code, extended to deal with set-matching, memoisation, and the novel control structure of the language. The run-time system is written in C.

    E-mail: Bharat Jayaraman

    ["Set Abstraction in Functional and Logic Programming", F.S.K. Silbermann

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