submersible meaning

Pronunciation:   "submersible" in a sentence
Adjective: submersible  sub'mursibul
  1. Capable of being immersed in water or functioning while submerged
    "a submersible pump"
    - submergible
Noun: submersible  sub'mursibul
  1. An apparatus intended for use under water 
  2. A warship designed to operate under water
    - submersible warship

Derived forms: submersibles

See also: submerge

Type of: apparatus, combat ship, setup, war vessel, warship

Antonym: nonsubmersible, surface ship

Encyclopedia: Submersible


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  1. these modern submersibles offer several advantages over the archimede.
  2. electric submersible vibroimpactor-technical conditions
  3. stainless steel multistage deep-well submersible pump
  4. application of motor submersible pump in flask neck
  5. terminology for submersibles and underwater installations

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