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1. stay out to not come home at night, or to come home late, especially when someone is expecting you:
Phil had never stayed out without phoning me before, so I was really worried.
At home there were always rows if Lisa stayed out late with her friends.
SIMILAR TO: stop out BrE informal
OPPOSITE: stay in
2. stay out (on strike) if workers stay out, they continue to refuse to work because of an argument with their employer about pay, working conditions etc:
Teachers in some places stayed out on strike for several weeks. ► compare come out BrE

[American slang]
1. Lit. to keep out of something or some place.
  Stay out of here!
  Please stay out until we are ready.
2. Fig. to remain uninvolved in some piece of business.
  I decided to stay out of it and let someone else handle it.
  My help wasn't needed there, so I just stayed out.


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  1. children shouldn't stay out after dark.
  2. his father told him to stay out of trouble.
  3. i had just as soon stay out of the quarrel.
  4. i had just as lief stay out of the quarrel.
  5. this time i want to stay out of sight.

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