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  • noun
    1. Standard deviation
    2. Standard deviation divided by the root of the number of observations in a sample

  • [Economics]
    A measure of the reliability of an estimated parameter. The standard error is the standard deviation of the estimates that would be arrived at by taking repeated random sample of a given size from the same population. The standard error is a decreasing function of sample size; the lower the standard error, the more reliable is the estimate.

  • [Finance]
    In statistics, a measure of the possible error in an estimate. Plus or minus 2 standard errors usually provides a 95% confidence interval.
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  1. resolving kernels and standard errors can also be computed for each block.
  2. we will express the confidence interval in standard errors rather than in numerical values.
  3. we shall use the standard error of estimate as a tool in the same way that we can use the standard deviation.
  4. the standard error of estimate, on the other hand, measures the variability, or scatter, of the observed values around the regression line.
  5. is not specified, a standard error is displayed instead

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