squad meaning

[ skwɔd ] Pronunciation:   "squad" in a sentence
Noun: squad  skwód
  1. A smallest army unit 
  2. A cooperative unit (especially in sports)
    - team 
  3. A small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime
    - police squad

Derived forms: squads

Type of: army unit, social unit, unit

Encyclopedia: Squad


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  1. soon, a squad of hotel employees was setting up chairs in the extra room.
  2. next morning at six i set out with a squad of about forty youths.
  3. for six hours, a squad of cops ran their identification and warrant checks on them.
  4. he was a magical shooter in our squad and his every shot did execution in battle.
  5. then came the squad of drum majorettes, the best-looking girls we could find.

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