spicery meaning

[ 'spaisəri ] Pronunciation:   "spicery" in a sentence


  1. our products are as follows : corn tortilla, flour tortilla, various of spiceries, powder coating, sauce coating and so on
  2. in addition, we will add some medicine or spicery after research for manufacturing medicine health protection pillow and fragrant pillow . 2
  3. The mill was leased in 1544 to William Hutchinson, yeoman of the spicery, and Janet his wife for their lives.
  4. Asafetida ( or asafoetida ), sometimes called hing or heeng, is available in blocks or powder in some ethnic markets and from online spiceries.
  5. His father was Sergeant of the Pastry and died on 18 May 1649 . Wood was Clerk of the Spicery in the Ufford and other lands in Suffolk, producing " a rental of nearly �4, 500 a year ."

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