speedometer meaning

[ spi'dɔmitə ] Pronunciation:   "speedometer" in a sentence
  • Noun: speedometer  spee'dómitu(r)
    1. A meter fixed to a vehicle that measures and displays its speed
      - speed indicator, speedo

    Derived forms: speedometers

    Type of: meter

    Part of: automotive vehicle, motor vehicle

    Encyclopedia: Speedometer

  • [Engineering]
    "An instrument that indicates the speed of travel of a vehicle in miles per hour, kilometers per hour, or knots."

  • [Computer]
    A pattern of lights displayed on a linear set of LEDs (today) or nixie tubes (yesterday, on ancient mainframes). The pattern is shifted left every N times the operating system goes through its main loop. A swiftly moving pattern indicates that the system is mostly idle; the speedometer slows down as the system becomes overloaded. The speedometer on Sun Microsystems hardware bounces back and forth like the eyes on one of the Cylons from the wretched "Battlestar Galactica" TV series.

    Historical note: One computer, the GE 600 (later Honeywell 6000) actually had an *analog* speedometer on the front panel, calibrated in instructions executed per second.


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  1. the speedometer was touching 120 mph.
  2. speedometer was indicating 95 mph.
  3. suppose your speedometer is broken.
  4. the instrument that measures the speed is a speedometer.
  5. you can define the excessive speed of your motor-car by a speedometer.

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