spar meaning

[ spɑ: ] Pronunciation:   "spar" in a sentence
Noun: spar  spaa(r)
  1. Any of various nonmetallic minerals (calcite or feldspar) that are light in colour and transparent or translucent and cleavable 
  2. A stout rounded pole of wood or metal used to support rigging 
  3. Making the motions of attack and defence with the fists and arms; a part of training for a boxer
    - sparring
Verb: spar (sparred,sparring)  spaa(r)
  1. Furnish with spars 
  2. Fight with spurs
    "the gamecocks were sparring" 
  3. Box lightly 
  4. Fight verbally
    "They were sparring all night"

Derived forms: sparred, sparring, spars

See also: sparring

Type of: argue, box, boxing, contend, debate, equip, fence, fight, fisticuffs, fit, fit out, mineral, outfit, pole, pugilism, struggle

Part of: ship

Encyclopedia: Spar


A common rafter.


A bar for fastening a gate or door.


A heavy round timber.


See brotch.

Early system on Datatron 200 series. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).


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  1. the paper is looped over these spars in long festoons.
  2. we can be conveniently studied with reference to a crystal of calcite or iceland spar.
  3. method of sampling and sample preparation of fluor-spar in bulk
  4. not secured by spars or stays . used of a sail
  5. the analysis of the motion of a geometric spar in deep water

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