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[ 'səunɑ: ] Pronunciation:   "sonar" in a sentence
  • Noun: sonar  sownaa(r)
    1. A measuring instrument that sends out an acoustic pulse in water and measures distances in terms of the time for the echo of the pulse to return
      "sonar is an acronym for sound navigation ranging"
      - echo sounder, asdic

    Derived forms: sonars

    Type of: measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system, navigational instrument

    Part of: pigboat, sub, submarine, U-boat

    Encyclopedia: Sonar

  • [Defence]
    A sonic device used primarily for the detection and location of underwater objects.
    (This term is derived from the words “sound navigation and ranging.

  • [Electronics]
    A system of detection and ranging by means of sonic and ultrasonic signals. In this system of echo ranging, the distance to an underwater object is determined from the time it takes a sound signal to reach the object and be reflected back to the transmitter. The name is an acronym for sound navigation and ranging.

    sonde A device for automatically gathering meterological data at high altitudes. An example is the radiosonde.

  • [Engineering]
    "A system that uses underwater sound, at sonic or ultrasonic frequencies, to detect and locate objects in the sea, or for communication, the commonest type is echo-ranging sonar, other versions are passive sonar, scanning sonar, and searchlight sonar. Deri"


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  1. the sonar reveals acres of cobblestone fields surrounding our craft.
  2. satellite-doppler sonar integrated navigation system
  3. we sat there listening to the chat chat chat of the sonar
  4. i need a magnetometer, i need a side scan sonar
  5. general specification for active sonar of naval ship

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