soft soap meaning

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1. A kind of soap containing potash
2. Flattery
3. Blarney

[American slang]
1. flattering talk; sweet talk.
  I don't mind a little soft soap. It won't affect what I decide, though.
  Don't waste my time with soft soap. I know you don't mean it.
2. (Usually soft-soap.) to attempt to convince someone (of something) by gentle persuasion.
  We couldn't softsoap her into it.
  Don't try to soft-soap her. She's an old battle-ax.

n : soap of a semifluid consistency made principally with potash and having various medical uses (as in the treatment of skin diseases); specif : GREEN SOAP
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  1. i am tired of his soft soap!
  2. you won't persuade him by using soft soap
  3. cut out the soft soap; flattery will get you nowhere
  4. i'm tired of his soft soap
  5. his letter was full of soft soap

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