snack counter meaning

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  • Noun: snack counter
    1. Usually inexpensive bar
      - snack bar, buffet

    Derived forms: snack counters

    Type of: bar

  • snack:    Noun: snack & ...
  • snack on:    snack on sth to ea ...
  • snack bar:    Noun: snack bar&nb ...


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  1. There is a snack counter, bar and souvenir shop.
  2. Its appropriately named Crush Bar, for instance, will be complemented by new bars and snack counters.
  3. To the rear, the cafe car's only occupant was the Amtrak employee working the snack counter.
  4. The lobby has a Federal Express drop-off box and a small snack counter tucked into one corner.
  5. For Samet, Bites represent a major step toward competing with industry giants such as Hershey and Mars for space at snack counters.

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