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  • [Computer]
    <tool> (Sample Neufeld ASN.1 to C/C++ Compiler) A program by Mike Sample ASN.1 data structures (including some macros) into C, C++ or type tables. The generated C/C++ includes a .h file with the equivalent data struct and a .c/.C file for the BER encode and decode, print and free routines.

    snacc includes the compiler, run-time BER libraries, and utility programs. snacc is compiled under GNU General Public License. It requires yacc or bison, lex or flex, and cc (ANSI or non-ANSI).

    ITU TS X.208/ISO 8824.

    Latest version: 1.1, as of 1993-07-12.



  1. The SNACC, however, has  not . . . fully realized its officially designated role.
  2. From 2007 to 2009, he served on the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption ( SNACC ).
  3. In 1972 the Shinnecock Native American Cultural Coalition ( SNACC ) was formed to establish a Native American arts and crafts program.
  4. In 2013, 100 cases of corruption were referred to the SNACC for prosecution, but by the end of that year no verdicts had been forthcoming.

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