sludge meaning

Pronunciation:   "sludge" in a sentence
Noun: sludge  slúj
  1. The precipitate produced by sewage treatment 
  2. Any thick, viscous matter
    - slime, goo, goop [N. Amer], gook, guck [N. Amer], gunk, muck, ooze, thick, gloop [Brit, Cdn]

Derived forms: sludges

Type of: matter, precipitate

Encyclopedia: Sludge


Refuse from various operations, as the waste material produced in the wet grinding of terrazzo.


In a paint spray booth whose walls are washed continuously with water, the paint which accumulates in the water reservoir, sometimes reworked to make another paint.


The accumulated, settled solids which are deposited from sewage and contain more or less water to form a semiliquid mass.

Refuse liquid or waste matter carried off by sewers. (Webster,3d ed) n : a semisolid precipitated mass or deposit ‹biliary sludge›; esp : SLUDGED BLOOD
vi sludged; sludg·ing : to form sludge ‹positions that cause blood to sludge —L. K. Altman›


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  1. sludge liquor is recirculated in the secondary system.
  2. most of the cellulose will settle to produce a sludge.
  3. less than 0. 3% of u.s. croplands receive sludge.
  4. sludge incineration is a frequently employed disposed method.
  5. sludges forming in the acid interfere with storage and handling.

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