slubby meaning

  "slubby" in a sentence
or slubbˈy adjective


  1. analysis of ring spinning slubby yarn twist
  2. Can report we got a perfect tree . " ( IT ) _ J . Crew " Christmas Across America " catalog, page 36, Donegal wool stripe sweater, " heathered yarns twisted with tonal neps for a slubby, almost tweedy look, texture, " in forest or indigo, $ 68.
  3. Betty says later in the Braum's ice cream store, o ver a burger and fries, flipping through the J . Crew " Christmas Across America " catalog, set in trendy places : L . A ., Seattle, Miami, Sun Valley and . . . Amarillo ? ( IT ) Fourteen pages of it : slubby comfort, leaning on a John Deere tractor or workin'the land in houndstooth and marled yarns, unloading all those ( hmmm ) fresh-cut Christmas firs, followed by romantic piggyback rides around an idealized West Texas barnyard that looks familiar to, well, absolutely no one who lives here.

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