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sleep over informal to sleep at someone else's house for a night:
Is it okay if I sleep over at Jim's place tonight?
If you don't want to drive home, you're welcome to sleep over.
SIMILAR TO: stay over
sleep-over n C a party at which children or young people stay the night at someone's house:
One night Mary Jo went to a sleep-over at a friend's house.

[American slang]
to spend the night sleeping at someone else's home. (Typically said by teenagers or younger children who spend the night with a friend.)
  Mom, can I sleep over with Tony?
  Can I sleep over at Tony's house?


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  1. he went to sleep over his work.
  2. it is not worth losing sleep over.
  3. you know how he is bet he's losing sleep over this
  4. what brings you here ? wanna sleep over, huh
  5. i sleep over at john's house every year for his birthday

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