skillet meaning

[ 'skilit ] Pronunciation:   "skillet" in a sentence
  • Noun: skillet  skilit
    Usage: N. Amer (=frying pan)
    1. A pan used for frying foods
      - frying pan, frypan [N. Amer]

    Derived forms: skillets

    Type of: cooking pan, pan

    Encyclopedia: Skillet

  • [Sports]
    A baseball mitt when worn by a poor fielder.


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  1. bigger caught the skillet and lifted it high in the air.
  2. bigger aimed and let the skillet fly with a heavy grunt.
  3. these skillets were made in the city of brotherly love
  4. household electric skillets and frying-type appliances
  5. fill a large high-sided skillet with 1 inch water

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