skillet cake meaning

  "skillet cake" in a sentence
  • Noun: skillet cake
    1. Batter baked atop a layer of sweetened fruit then turned upside down so fruit is on top
      - upside-down cake

    Derived forms: skillet cakes

    Type of: cake


  1. Cunningham suggests using an iron skillet to bake this cake, which dates to about 1925, " because old cookbooks often referred to these cakes as ` skillet cakes,'but a plain round pan works, too ."
  2. Although traditional shortbreads and pound cakes are included, many of the recipes are unusual, including a pineapple cornmeal skillet cake, a little " pump cake " ( glazed by running water over the cake and sprinkling it with sugar before it is baked ) and tea sandwiches with a filling of roast duck.

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