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    Extended care facilities which provide skilled nursing care or rehabilitation services for inpatients on a daily basis. n : a health-care institution that meets federal criteria for Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement for nursing care including esp. the supervision of the care of every patient by a physician, the employment full-time of at least one registered nurse, the maintenance of records concerning the care and condition of every patient, the availability of nursing care 24 hours a day, the presence of facilities for storing and dispensing drugs, the implementation of a utilization review plan, and overall financial planning including an annual operating budget and a 3-year capital expenditures program


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  1. provides over the counter and prescription drug pharmacy services to assisted living residences, alzheimer s care residences and skilled nursing facilities
  2. The legislation would also rein in payments to skilled nursing facilities.
  3. She's lying in a bed in a skilled nursing facility.
  4. Significantly fewer patients receiving BMP were discharged to a skilled nursing facility.
  5. The legislation would also cut the growth in payments to skilled nursing facilities.

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