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[ skil ] Pronunciation:   "skill" in a sentence
  • Noun: skill  skil
    1. An ability that has been acquired by training
      - accomplishment, acquirement, acquisition, attainment 
    2. Ability to produce solutions in some problem domain
      "the skill of a well-trained boxer"
      - science

    Derived forms: skills

    Type of: ability, power

    Encyclopedia: Skill

  • [Business]

    1 [U]

    the ability to do sth well:

    The job requires skill and an eye for detail.

    She has managed her team with great skill.

    ❖ to need/require/take skill

    ◆ to have/lack skill (at/in sth)

    considerable/extraordinary/great skill

    2 [C]

    a particular ability or type of ability, especially one that needs training and experience to do well:

    young people wanting to learn a practical skill

    She had to develop a whole new set of skills when she changed jobs.

    There is a serious skill shortage (= there are not enough people with skills) in the construction industry.

    The IT industry is very skill-intensive (= requires a large number of skilled workers).

    He's gone on a course to sharpen his management skills.

    The manager must harness the skills of the workers to firm objectives. PEOPLE SKILLS

    analytical/business/organizational/social skills

    communication/interpersonal/management skills

    computer/practical/technical skills

    ◆ to have/lack/possess skills

    ◆ to acquire/develop/learn skills

    ◆ to broaden/improve/sharpen/upgrade skills

    ◆ to apply/use skills

  • [Finance]
    The ability to accurately forecast returns. We measure skill using the information coefficient.

  • [Computer]
    A somewhat peculiar blend between Franz-Lisp and C, with a large set of various CAD primitives. It is owned by Cadence Design Systems and has been used in their CAD frameworks since 1985. It's an extension language to the CAD framework (in the same way that Emacs-Lisp extends GNU Emacs), enabling you to automate virtually everything that you can do manually in for example the graphic editor. Skill accepts C-syntax, fun(a b), as well as Lisp syntax, (fun a b), but most users (including Cadence themselves) use the C-style.

    [Jonas Jarnestrom


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  1. unions have nothing to do with skill training.
  2. i did not give you credit for such skill.
  3. ballet dancers practise their skills every day.
  4. she plays with seemingly effortless skill.
  5. he had sufficient confidence in his own skill.

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