skeleton meaning

[ 'skelitən ] Pronunciation:   "skeleton" in a sentence
Noun: skeleton  skelutun
  1. The hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal
    - skeletal system, frame, systema skeletale 
  2. Something reduced to its minimal form
    "the battalion was a mere skeleton of its former self"; "the bare skeleton of a novel" 
  3. A scandal that is kept secret
    "there must be a skeleton somewhere in that family's closet"
    - skeleton in the closet, skeleton in the cupboard 
  4. The internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape
    "the building has a steel skeleton"
    - skeletal frame, frame, underframe

Derived forms: skeletons

See also: musculoskeletal, skeletal

Type of: lower limit, minimum, outrage, scandal, supporting structure, system

Part of: aircraft, building, edifice, musculoskeletal system, ship

Encyclopedia: Skeleton

noun [C]


the main structure that supports a building:

Only the concrete skeleton of the factory remained.

2 (used as an adjective)

used to describe the smallest number of people, things or parts that you need to do sth:

There will only be a skeleton staff on duty over the holiday.

We managed to maintain a skeleton service during the strike.

1 : a usu. rigid supportive or protective structure or framework of an organism; esp : the bony or more or less cartilaginous framework supporting the soft tissues and protecting the internal organs of a vertebrate
2 : the straight or branched chain or ring of atoms that forms the basic structure of an organic molecule


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  1. the outer one third has a cartilaginous skeleton.
  2. you should write the skeleton equation.
  3. death is often shown in pictures as a human skeleton.
  4. each animal has a chalky skeleton.
  5. i don't have any skeleton in my closet.

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