situation template meaning

  • [Defence]
    A depiction of assumed adversary dispositions, based on adversary doctrine and the effects of the battlespace if the adversary should adopt a particular course of action.
    In effect, situation templates are the doctrinal templates depicting a particular operation modified to account for the effects of the battlespace environment and the adversary’s current situation (training and experience levels, logistic status, losses, dispositions).
    Normally, the situation template depicts adversary units two levels of command below the friendly force, as well as the expected locations of high-value targets.
    Situation templates use time-phase lines to indicate movement of forces and the expected flow of the operation.
    Usually, the situation template depicts a critical point in the course of action.
    Situation templates are one part of a adversary course of action model.
    Models may contain more than one situation template.
    See also course of action; doctrinal template.
    (JP 2-01.3)

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