situatedness meaning

  "situatedness" in a sentence
  • noun (philosophy and psychology)
      The idea that an agent interacts with its environment, receiving sensory information from it and acting in ways that affect it


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  1. the world that bonny hicks chose for herself may seem incommensurable with the confucian sense of situatedness
  2. They elaborate and extend the eight fundamental processes in the FBS framework, providing more descriptive power with regards to the situatedness of designing.
  3. Harrison writes, " is the aboriginal Da that grounds Dasein's situatedness and historicizes its being in the world . ")
  4. Other critical commentators such as David Berry and Alexander Galloway have commented on the historical situatedness of an ontology that mirrors computational processes and even the metaphors and language of computation.
  5. It is often understood as an approach in specific opposition to earlier and still prevalent " brain in a vat " models which ignore " situatedness, embodiment and enaction " as key to any cognitive act ( Ibid . ).

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