situ meaning

Pronunciation:   "situ" in a sentence
  • adv., adj.

    in its usual or original place; on the spot: You can study plants in situ, i.e. in nature, or in the laboratory.to do in situ anthropological research in the places where the tribe lives

    NOTE from Latin 'on site', 'in place'

  • [Medicine]
    —see IN SITU


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  1. the model served as an excellent test bed for the chiselling work to be carried out in situ.
  2. exposure ratios between spectral bands are determined from in situ reflectance spectra of objects in scene.
  3. karmapa together with tai situ rinpoche india pic ii
  4. clinical applications of fluorescence in situ hybridization
  5. karmapa together with tai situ rinpoche india pic i

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