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  • 1. sit up to move into a sitting position after you have been lying down:
    Wendy sat up in bed and stretched.
    Are you able to sit up and eat something?
    sit-up n C an exercise for your stomach muscles, in which you sit up from a lying position while keeping your feet on the floor:
    Sit-ups are best done with your hands behind your neck.
    2. sit up to make your back straighter when you are sitting:
    As the news comes on TV, Ken sits up in his chair and starts watching.
    Sandie forced herself to sit up straight during the interview.
    3. sit up to stay awake and not go to bed:
    I thought I'd sit up and wait for him to come home.
    They sat up late into the night talking about old times.
    SIMILAR TO: stay up
    4. sit up and take notice to suddenly start paying attention to someone or something:
    People are starting to sit up and take notice about the dangers of genetically modified foods.

  • [American slang]
    1. to rise from a lying to a sitting position.
      When the alarm went off, he sat up and put his feet on the f loor.
      She couldn't sleep, so she sat up and read a book.
    2. to sit more straight in one's seat; to hold one's posture more upright while seated.
      Please sit up. Don't slouch!
      You wouldn't get backaches if you would sit up.


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  1. he had to sit up to catch his breath.
  2. the patient was only able to sit up.
  3. the patient is well enough to sit up in bed now.
  4. he will often sit up all night.
  5. i'll make everyone sit up.

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