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1. sit down to move into a sitting position after you have been standing:
The old lady got onto the bus and sat down.
"Mind if I sit down?" I asked.
OPPOSITE: stand up
sit-down meal/dinner/restaurant etc n C a sit-down meal, dinner, restaurant is one in which you sit at a table and eat a formal meal:
Are they having a buffet at the wedding reception, or a sit-down meal?
sit-down protest/strike etc n C a protest in which people sit down, especially to block a road or other public place, until someone in authority agrees to listen to their demands:
Police fired tear gas at several thousand people who had begun a sit-down demonstration.
2. sit yourself down spoken used to tell someone to move into a sitting position after they have been standing:
"Sit yourself down there for a minute," said the nurse.
3. sit sb down to make someone move into a sitting position, or to ask someone to sit down:
Our father used to sit us down and ask, ``So, what are your goals, kids?''
She picked up the child and sat him down on the sofa.
4. sit down to try to solve a problem, or to deal with something that needs to be done, by giving it all your attention
+ with
"I am willing to sit down with the Mexican leaders to discuss free trade," Boice said
Syria's willingness to sit down with Israel at a peace conference
sit down and do sth
I'm going to sit down and get my taxes done before the weekend.
You've really got to sit down and get this conference organized.

[American slang]
to be seated; to sit on something, such as a chair.
  Please sit down and make yourself comfortable.
  Can I sit down here?


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  1. if you are tired, we will sit down.
  2. let 's sit down and take a rest for a while.
  3. come in and sit down -- you look done in.
  4. he should not sit down under these accusations.
  5. move over and let your grandmother sit down.

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